Indonesian Envato Authors (IdEA) 1st National Meetup

Not Just a Meetup, Its a Resolution

IdEA National Meetup Indonesia

22-24 November 2013, at Disaster Resort, Kaliurang, Jogjakarta, we all Indonesian Envato Authors member had made a first national meetup in Indonesia. This is not just meetup, but we are hangout together and know each other with a different way. So, we decided to planned this event with a cool experience.

Indonesia is a big archipelago country in the world, we have a thousands islands here with a huge sea than a lands. More than 40 authors have their own trip to arrived at meetup location. From the west to east island, with a plane, train or bus trip.

Friday, 22 November, we arrived at the resort, hangout in a dinner room, introduced our self, laughing together. The funny thing is before we do this meetup, we are just talking in our Facebook group, but now, we know each other. Fatty guys, black guys, chiness guys even we meet a Javanese guys with a native accent in their
languange. :) Its the one of our culture. We are "enemy" in our work but we unite as a creative people, thats our Funding Father said, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

Night come too fast to our place and its time to us to back to get sleep and made a preparation for a great trip to excited place in the city, Candi Prambanan.

On Saturday morning, day 2, our breakfast is ready on table with some coffee, tea and milk. The food is really nice, the fact that our country have a great food is a TRUE.

After we got a breakfast, the bus was arrived at the front of our resort to deliver us Candi Prambanan, and a Journey start here. From the resort, we have to spent a more than 1 hour to arrive to Prambanan.

Untill there, we saw a great huge historical building, Prambanan. Its kind of a legendary architetural building in our country, great shadow, great shape, great structure and deep story behind of the building. Every inch in this treasure have an own story. But in this masterpiece work, this building have a sad journey, in 2010, Jogjakarta got an earthquake and the impact for Prambanan is some part of the stones is missing from their place.But for us, the earthquake effect is just for our lessons to respect the nature. In every step we walked around the Prambanan, we took pictures, all participant had their own style to pose in front of camera. Yeah, smile, happiness is shine from all members.

Its day 3, the final day. We decided to get a trip to Merapi to see closer how the impacts. This is a great trip, we ride our Jeep car to there. The other facts, the landscape is beautifull, the land, the air. its really great place. Seat your belt and feel the extreme ground in Merapi from your jeep car. With a professional driver, we are
ride around to Merapi, its make us better feel to refresh our mind. We saw a Museum Merapi, Bunker, Alien Stone and take a picture of all members in a Merapi. But sun goes down and we should have to back to the resort to join the next session, share and discuss.

After we clean ourself, we join in the meeting room to listen a presentation from the Top Authors from Indonesia. We have a Zainal Mudzakir - Indonez, Sam Witsicky - Mas Keenan, Irkham Maulana - i-mediapixel, Anak Agung Agus Bayu - Jegtheme. All of them are a Themeforest author. We also have a Top Authors from Graphicriver,
Muhajir - Code ID and Fahmy Hidayat - Fahmyzone.

They love to share about how they can passed a hard time to create a great items for Envato. We noted that they always have their own strategy to make their items have a great sales.

Some of our members had a dream to make a great items and the impact is a get a huge earning every month, but the tips from our Top Authors said that created a great items is not just for a money, its about passion and how detail you are to see a market. :)

The Resolutions
From our first Indonesian Envato Author (IdEA) meetup in Jogjakarta, we have a great resolution for the next step to make the community stay live and respect each others.

For the information, our Facebook members of Indonesian Envato Author (IdEA) is still grow up fast and now we have a more than 1000 members. A great number to make a great movement for each others. We decided to create a Charity account on Envato marketplace (Envato ID) and all members can sell their items there everytime they want.

Every each sales from the items in this account will be used for a charity event in Indonesia. We are committed to unite people from this account. We collect the sales earning and do some charity event. All of the earning from this account will be give to people who need it.

The reason that why we do this movement is we believed that if we share everything to the people who need our help, so, the nature will make a great planned for us and we can live in a more greatest city in the world. :)

We hope that our meetup can inspired everyone and made some a great meetup in your country. Yeah, Bravo Envato. Hatur nuhun. Terima Kasih and dont forget to visit Indonesia. We will meet you there. If you’d like to see more photos, be sure to visit the Idea Meetup 2013 Stream on Flickr.

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