The Southern Colonies Regions
By:Carson Badders

Welcome to the southern colonies we have Maryland,Virginia,North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Down here in the southern Colonies its nice and warm with super long growing seasons. And in the winter it was a normal cold so not as cold as in the New England colonies!

Industry and agriculture

In the south we have the best soil around. We can plant alot of crops such as rice, cotton and the money crop Tobacco. We make lots of money selling crops and timber. We have a large industry and sell lots of rice, cotton, tobacco, timber and naval supplies. We have the most exports to England! And the best industry of naval supplies and timber.


In the southern colonies homes are nice and large with normaly a seperate room for your kitchen. And extra houses for your servent. And many diffrent types of houses such as bricks

So comon down to the southern colonies where you can eat good and work easy!

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