Educational Psychology Week 11

1. Abraham Maslow's pyramid has inspired teachers to examine themselves, their surroundings, and other people to meet the needs of all involved in learning.

2. Students who have their basic and higher level needs met are able to perform better.

3. Students and teachers who feel they are contributing to a "greater good" are more likely to be successful.

4. Students who learn to manage themselves well will be more successful.

5. Young children can understand improved metacognition through the analogy of driving their brains.

6. Teachers can model higher thinking by talking through problems.

7. Those individuals with better metacognition actually possess more gray matter in their prefrontal cortexes.

8. Too much stress in the classroom or at home reduces students' ability to learn.

9. Overly structured class time and lesson presentation build stress levels and decreases learning.

10. A positive emotional environment and positive reinforcement are powerful tools for reducing stress in the classroom.

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