Feelin' a little "icy"?

Feeling a little "ice" in your life right now? Maybe with a class, or a few students, or just that one "special" student? Maybe it's your supervisor, or your colleagues, or the "system"? Maybe it's not here. Maybe it's a personal relationship; a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling? It can sneak in just about anywhere in your life.

Ice is cold, constricting, dangerous. When it stays too long, it can be deadly.

I want you to know that "ice" doesn't have to stay. When the light shines on it, it will melt and it will go away. Please don't hide your "ice" inside in the shadows of your life. Let it get to the light. The light is trying to get to it. Share your "ice" with someone...a significant someone; someone who cares as much for you as you do. You know who that is, I don't need to make suggestions. The light will illuminate your "ice", making it look very beautiful as it melts and bring you the relief for which you are longing.


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