Larry Michael Jordan

May he Rest in Peace

Larry Michael Jordan was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, in the 60's. He was a very brave man, sacrificed a lot for his country and family. He was a very family oriented man and had a daughter with his beautiful wife named Janet Jordan.

In April of 1966, Larry Michael Jordan was claimed to have been MIA. On November 19, 1973 they switched his status to presumed killed in action and later was confirmed that his air craft was shot down over China on April 12, 1966.

Larry was a very devoted and dedicated man. He served in many locations such as: Florida, Texas, Washington and Southeast Asia. He served from 1963-1966 with strength and devotion.

The logo of Larry Michael Jordan's unit is pictured above. His unit, also known as VAH-4 (Heavy Attack Squadron) was a great and powerful unit. Their unit was aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CVA 63). In general, the navy had divers who served in various positions, some served on the coast serving to clear mines and obstacles or to recover sunken ships or planes shot down. Many of the navy men patrolled the various rivers and waterways all across the delta. In addition, they assisted SEALS and other special operations forces. Lastly, they recovered many shot down aircrafts such as Larry Michael Jordan's.

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