Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the 5 biggest city in the world. It is located in Brazil, it's beaches are very nice but if you want to go dive inside you cannot, you can only be on the shore because it has very strong waves. It has a very nice statue on the middle I think that is a very high statue. It's carnaval is legendary!!!! There are a lot of people who pay to model what they do is cheer in the parade, carnaval there is the best, or the most beautiful  carnaval in the world that's why when carnaval is here many tourists that come around the world is only for a three day fest caranaval.

Like you see there are a lot of people in the beach, it is hot so you should wear light clothes and a swimming suit. There are a lot of people in there and very much. There are a lot of people so if you have kids if you go you need be a lot careful for your kids because you can lose them very quickly.  

Rio de Janeiro's best hotel, or at least one of the best hotels, is called Sheraton has it's place right in front of the beach so you are more confortable with your trip. There are very big and luxorious beds, excellent food and very big pools. It is a very big hotel so they can have a lot of vacant rooms.

Ellecanada is a very luxorious restaurants and also has one of the best meals in all Rio de Janeiro. It is recomended by tripadvisor, although it may not be that cheep it has very delicious food and you will not reegret your money you've wasted. It is a very big restaurant and they are very good at it. They are already more than ten years there.

These are the best newspapers in Rio de Janeiro their logos are very compelling or like people say interesting and atractive. Oglobo newspapers was founded by Irineu Marinho. He founded the newspaper long ago and now this newspaper is very famous in Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Times was founded by the Portugese people and now from that time to now it is also a wonderful and famous newspaper of Rio de Janeiro.

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