This image tells me how the mechanical works with this machine and having movement by producing and working the mechanical machine.


This image is describing how light works with the wire connecting with the light to make energy to heat and electricity. sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.


Form of enregy associated with the vibration or disturbance of matter. Sound is mechanical wave as such requires a medium to travel through. The sound energy in a volume of interest is defined as the sum of the potential and kinetic energy densities integrated over that volume:


Chemical energy:

is the potential of a chemical substance to undergo a transformation through a chemical reaction or, to transform other chemical substances.


In physics, heat is the transfer of energy other than by work or transfer of matter. Heat flows spontaneously from a hotter body to a colder one whenever a suitable physical pathway exists between the bodies,and always results in a net increase in Enropy. which the sun is giving a lot of radiant energy.


Electric energy is energy newly derived from electrical potential energy. It has a lot of radiant to.


The binding energy of nuclei is usually a positive number, since most nuclei require net energy to separate them into individual protons and neutrons.


So, the woman/man is throwing force to the ball into the boiling pens to drop down into the back.

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