Appalachian Plateau


Located in the northwest corner of Georgia, Sand, Lookout, and pigeon mountains belong to the geologic province known as the Appalachian, or Cumberland, Plateau. This Plateau extends continuously from New York to Alabama and forms the western boundary of the Appalachian Mountains. The area has great economic significance because the vast Appalachian coalfield lies beneath it. the Appalachian plateau is the smallest region in Georgia. The Appalachian Plateau region of northern Georgia features cooler temperatures than the rest of the Peach state, both because of its higher elevation  and its more northern latitude. The area, witch increases in elevation from west to east as it becomes more mountainous, gets a similar amount of rainfall to the rest of the state, but the precipitation is more likely to fall as snow in the colder weather.

Economic activity:

The activity is tourism and forestry.

Physical Features:

Physical features of the Appalachian Plateau include coalfield sites, sandstone bluffs, sedimentary rocks, and black shale. The Appalachian Plateau also includes many limestone deposits, which are located in Mississippi. Here, there are a labyrinth of caves that develop due to acidic water.




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