Mike Good's Cisco Presentation

The first presentation of the day was presented to us by an experienced Cisco salesman named Mike Good. He gave us a very detailed explanation of what his job is as well as what Cisco may offer newcomers looking for a job in the computer field. He also presented statistics such as the fact that Cisco covers 85% of all network coverage products. Then he shared with us the benefits of graduating and getting a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Afterwords he answered some questions, some of the most memorable being Cisco's stance on open net neutrality and more news on when I.C.E. will be implemented within local school districts. As a whole i got a lot of insightful information from Mr. Good's lecture and it offered me a lot of helpful tips about what kind of job i should be seeking and how to obtain it.

Anil Pattni's "OC Hackerz" Presentation

Mr. Pattni's presentation was primarily about local coding collaborative opportunities and the benefit that they have for our communities in terms of building creative products that could be transformed perhaps into a future businesses, and giving ambitious Computer Science students the chance to receive hands on experience and programming opportunities. He first started with a "TED Talks" video regarding the modern state of hackers as well as viruses. The video showed me what viruses can look like and how to avoid them. And finally Mr. Pattni showed us what the local organization of "OC Hackerz" does to help unite the community together and raise awareness for the opportunities that Computer Science provides. His organization does this through events called "Hackathons". What these events consist of are 3 person teams working together for one weekend to build a prototype for an innovative product involving technology. He illustrated several key examples such as the security device that he had made as well as other projects that teams had created. I think that the motivation and execution of the "Hackathons" are great and i actually wrote down some of the information for how to attend these because i plan on participating in one of these local events.


As a whole i found the entire event enjoyable. i received a lot of valuable information as to what kind of career to pursue as i have been struggling with that decision and the presentation really helped get me focused on what i should be achieving to get to my goals. All of the things i learned are useful and insightful and i'm very thankful for the opportunity to attend this Cyber Security event. I would reccomend that all future students should attend this as well because it provides a lot of information on possible careers and it's nice missing a day of school. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this event.


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