"Goodnight Saigon" - Billy Joel

Maddie, Isaac, Cody


“We left in plastic as numbered corpses” The Marine Core got wiped out as they were the first to go into the war in Vietnam. They were mentally and physically not ready for the war in the jungle. Most soldiers died, returning in, “plastic” -body bags.


The use of his thoughts before and after the war, “met as soul mates - left as inmates”, “came in like tameless horses - left as numbered corpses” shows how the war changed them and how devastating it was.

Repetition in the chorus, because while they were in training, they probably made promises to stay together and work together during the battle, yet some of them survived, while most didn’t make it.


Uses specific names of people, “Charlie” and “Baker” to draw out more emotion, remembering specific people. He uses words like dark, tameless, and wrong to show a negative tone during the song.


The song itself had a very mournful tone which was sang humbly and proud. The words of the song itself are miserable as he sings ab0ut soldiers not coming back home and how America remembers the few soldiers who did, and the pain they suffered along the way. The music is sad, to help remember the worse parts of the war.


“And we were so gung ho to lay down our lives” expresses how most of the soldiers probably volunteered rather than having been drafted, and wanted to fight in the war.


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