Cambodia Global Village Project

Our group has studied Cambodia throughout 2014-15 school year, and we have each come up with an issue to highlight in this presentation. The issues we have studied are the most pressing issues facing Cambodia today.

#1 Issue: Government

#2 Issue: Crime on Roads

   This political cartoon has to do with Cambodia's road safety and crime issues. It is showing how the government is not doing much to fix the situation. The cartoon shows a bus falling off of the edge of a crumpled road. There are also the words, 20th summit and ASEAN, and they have to do with the annual summit held in Cambodia. The cartoon is showing that this is what the government is doing to people because it refuses to make laws regarding the conditions of the roads.

This infographic shows how road fatalities in Cambodia occur and the number that occur for each. It shows that the majority of road fatalities in Cambodia occur on motorbikes. The second most fatalities occur to pedestrians. These statistics make sense because the majority of Cambodians travel by motorbike. These statistics also show how much laws are needed to reduce the number fatalities.

Issue #3: Poverty

My issue is poverty. 30% of people in Cambodia are in poverty. Since Hun Sen came in 30 years ago it has gotten better, but it is still not good. Poverty used to be at over 60%. This is a big issue in Cambodia that needs to be fixed soon.

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This is a fantastic effort. I love the way you did everything. Congratulations on your hard work it really paid off.