Mongols and Yuan Dynasty


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Legendary nomadic people from the vast Eurasian Steppes, the Mongols were fierce people that would take control of much of Asia and even gain territory outside of Asia. The Mongols began as separate clans living only on the dry grasslands of Eurasia until were united by Temujin or Genghis Khan to form one of the most powerful Empires of the World. During The Rule of Genghis Khan, the mongols built roads, used gunpowder and also controlled much of Northern China and Central Asia. After Genghis Khan's death, the Empire was split into four parts in order to be governed more efficiently by Genghis Khan’s sons. The capitol during this times was Mongolia.

Yuan Dynasty:

The Yuan Dynasty was during the rule of Kublai Khan. First, Kublai Khan gave his Empire a Chinese name. Then, Kublai Khan moved the capital to an area near modern Beijing China, extended the grand canal, and built new roads. By the end of his reign, he had also increased trade with foreign nations greatly.

Kublai Khan - grandson of Genghis Khan

The Yuan Dynasty is the first dynasty to use paper money. Although paper money was invented by the Song Empire, Kublai Khan was the first to push the use of paper money with other nations.