Summer day 4

Tuesday June 3, 2014

Although belle and I were planning to blog our days at the end of the day, I have a good excuse that you will hear about in the end.

So like any summer morning, it doesn't exist.  Unless of coarse you wake up before one, but not me. As for breakfast, you guessed it, eggs. Not one, not two, but four because I like eggs and an egg breakfast would not be completed without a bagel.

After breakfast, or you could consider it lunch, I went downstairs to clean my room for the first time in... Three weeks? Although I didn't do much cleaning, instead I watched the fosters while I packed my bag for Florida. And.... I NEED CLOTHES! So after 3 hours of "cleaning" I got a call from gabi saying that we should go to the mall. So there at 6 o'clock I get out of my pajamas and get ready for the day.

Considering I slept through a meal today, I was very hungry so I went to the B Spot. (They have really good fries and milk shakes by the way)  after I ate we headed to the mall which isn't far from there. At the mall gabi and I met at macys where gabi was dress shopping for no reason. After that gabi and I went to build a bear and thought it was a good idea to play on the computers and make birth certificates.

Then we were filling in random information (by the way my bears name was Bartholomew and gabis was Hilda) and this whole time the lady was talking on the phone.  Then we were leaving the store and she was yelling at us to come back into the store so we kept running and it was really weird but I still want my birth certificate back...

Then since the mall was closing we got cinnamon pretzels and left. Then once we got home we got a pound bag of pretzels and watched episode of fosters for the rest of the night and didn't end up going to bed till 4:30. #myhawianmirfandasloveme

Bye for now, abbey

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