This first picture is of the Roman camp. This is where all the soldiers and leaders stayed while laying siege against the Jews.

The Romans couldn't all go up through the Serpentine Path, because it was much too narrow and easy to defend against, so they decided to build a giant ramp up to the top of Masada. Since there was a wall surrounding the Jews, the Romans also built a siege machine. The Romans brought Jewish slaves to build the ramp, and it was finished in around nine months.

The wall on top of Masada was the whole reason the Romans had to make a giant siege machine. If the siege machine was not able to destroy the wall, the only other way to get over it would be with ladders, but that is very easy to defend against. When the Jews found out about the siege tower, they put up wood behind the stone to dampen the hits from the tower.

Masada was located on top of natural springs, so running out of water was never an issue. Because of this, they were able to always have water for baths and cleaning. They even used it as 'psychological warfare' against the Romans, who had very limited water supply.

The Jews need a place to sleep at night... So they had beds!

The Jews couldn't exactly run to the store when they were out of food, so they had to rely on things they could produce. Luckily, they were smart enough to bring up animals and crops so they would never run out of food.

The Jewish people were also very religious, so they needed a temple to pray at. Their praying involved lots of reading (right to left) of scrolls that were brought to the temple by the Jews that had been run out of their farms.

When not on watch duty or doing any other job, the Jews liked to relax, and what's  better than a place to relax at?

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