learning log-digital tech kaylan 7B

a beautiful purple flower . i love it soooooooooooooo much.

i lrean that you can create something you relly like the best  the hole tie world but if you delete it by a creaters thing and you delete it from someone create that didn't create you can't make it at all you will pay to make a new one of there creaters and if it's home time before you finish by the bell go's.

a log in half but breaking in half with a clean rock with coulors like red and golden brownes coulorer a nut with hair on it drity trees.

it looks like a broom and a dead leaf.

a bird look's at the wall or something.

a wall look's a petten.

a big car with a lovely house with a bathroom 1 girl in the bathroom 1 boy 1 girl

1 big car 2 girls 2 boys love girlfriend and boyfriend in love because the boys fall in love with the girls and 1 wants to get marrie her.
a very tricky chair made by me. i used sketchup.
it is a ford focus a good and bad car at the same time and you know now how to make it it's easy to put on sertchup and look up for cars.
just Aden something randomto to my web side to new creating a photo is easy to make.

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