Disney Land !

Made by Giselle Alvarez.

Bring your suitcase and your family because your going to have the best day of your life !

The gorgeous castle of Mrs. Cinderella!
When you go to Disneyland you will meet some of your favorite characters and the best part is you get to take pictures with them.
A picture of the original Disneyland the first Disneyland ever created by the man himself Mr. Walt Disney
Mr. walt Disney .

Mr Walt Disney the creator of Disneyland.

One of the good resturants of Disneyland where u can enjoy a good mean with your family and friend'

A awsome resturant! at Disneyland mmm if only i can spell the food there right now.

A map to Disneyland , in Anaheim wow i wish i could be there right now to spend my time with my family.

A picture of the disneyland hotel where u can stay and have fun .

WOW! dosen't that look Awesome i think so it's so exciting , a place to stay with your family and friends.

Things that are made at disneyland that you will enjoy eating!

mmmm!! dosen't  candy apples,  look yummy the thing's they make at Disneyland look so good with Marshmellows ,candy coating, and CHOCOLATE!!! also apples.

The entrance to the magical place called Disneyland.

WOW! thats is gorgeouse the entrence to Disneyland it look so cool aww i wish i could be there.

A little song for the reading and pictures to look at hope you enjoy :)!

Disneyland — a place where when you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true. At least that’s how magical the theme park seems upon each visit.

Disneyland has been around for almost 60 years and Disneyland was celebrating there annerversary and it's exciting because there is going to be fireworks and everything fun and awsome rides and you can spend time with your family all day untill everything is over but, the most important thing is make sure your family is happy  you and your family should enjoy!!! your time at Disneyland!!!  come to Disneyland right now and enjoy the magical momnet !!!!

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