Like to get paid for using social media?

You can with THIS new platform!

Today, approximately 2 billion people worldwide participate in a daily activity for FREE with no compensation to them.

This activity is Social Media or Social Sharing: like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Many people are active on these sites multiple times daily.

Your activity on these sites helps generate enormous revenue and profits for these companies.

Wouldn't it be nice if those companies shared their revenue with the people who are actually responsible for generating their revenue? That is you and me.

What if there was a high quality Social Media company that did reward you?

Level 9 Marketing (L9) (changing its name soon to iQLife) has taken the best features of the popular Social Media sites and built a new and smarter Social Media site called iQKonnect.

iQKonnect will go live for Brand Partners on June 15th. (Free Users will be invited to use this service starting about July 1, 2014)

But here is a refreshing fresh twist - L9 will monetize or compensate people worldwide for their Social Media activity on iQKonnect.

Think about that for a moment.

Very soon, people will have the choice to continue doing what they are doing for FREE and/or join us for FREE and get paid for the same activity.

Which would you choose? Get paid for your activity, right?

This will be a simple, no-brainer choice.

We expect this revolutionary news to spread to all 4 corners of the globe at lightning fast speed.

To get started, goto & get placed into something that can change the way we look at social media.  

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