My creative story outline

Chosen media: Children's book

I've chosen this media format because I think it'll allow me to present a direct and clear message. Children's books use simple language and are short in length, meaning I'll have to make my story just as impactful in a short amount of time. Doing so will help readers simply understand exactly what I'm trying to say, in a meaningful story line. The book will be include illustrations to make the product more engaging.

The Story Plot:

Elements to create an appropriate media

Key terminology I'll use:

  • Inclusive - Dan and his friends were really inclusive, they were open to ideas brought in by nomads from all over the word
  • Authenticity - Dan and his friends made real tools based on the developement of they're own individual skill
  • Urban Growth - The village expands quickly as more and more people join for the food and community
  • Urban Morphology (form)- The village really has changed, in terms of the way it looks and works (pull out of new infrastructure added to the village)
  • Rural-Urban Migration - People are moving from their nomadic, or rural lives into this more developed place
  • Cumulative Causation - Grim started throwing waste into the ocean, so the rest of the villagers followed. It also applies to solving the issue, as when Dan installed the trash cans, everyone else started properly disposing of waste too.
  • Distance Decay - Dan can't gain the attention of the entire village as the distance between them is too large, he moves closer to everyone in order to decrease the distance between them

How will I make my children's book, a children's book?

I hope to be able to include some miscellaneous elements of a children's book, such as pull out tabs or spinning wheels in order to create a more engaging style of book. Below are some examples of elements I could include. My children's book will obviously include illustrations of Dan, Erin and friends, as well as include an glossary for the more complex words, in order to educate the audience of what these words mean.

Draft One: 23rd May 2015

Below is my scanned story board for my children's book. It cuts out some of the ideas mentioned previously, but still does include all mentioned terminology and the basic outline.

In order to make my children's book more audience appropriate, I'll be using a creative pop-up template throughout the book.

please note that page 6's graphics are still in process and that these images show only the graphics included in the story, not the actually layout of the page itself.

All of the pages will include this template, and referring to the story board you can see that it will also include three flip tabs on page 3, one on page 5 and one pull tab for page 7 Seen below are all of the graphics with labels for which page they've been created for.