Ideas, Reminders , and Thoughts to Ponder...

Rev up your engines and your smiles- next week is the week before the carnival!

1. Thank you signing up to bring a cake to the carnival cake walk.  Please bring those Friday morning (October 24th) and place them on the shelves around the library. 

2. Next week is Digital Citizenship Week.  I challenge you to do one of the activities Sooz sent out to support this concept and develop deeper understanding in your students. 

3. Red Ribbon week is October 27-31st.  Dress Days are as follows:

Monday- Pledge to Be Drug Free- Wear Red

Tuesday- Drug Free from our Head to Toe- Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday- Laughter is healthy, drugs are not- Tell a Joke Day!

Thursday- Too Bright for Drugs- Wear Neon colors

Friday- One School, One Goal- To Be Healthy and Drug Free- Ferguson Spirit Shirts

4. Seen and Heard Around the Building-

- Did you see our librarian in costume?  Man, what will she not do to help kids make connections to story characters?!?!  Wow!

- In a kindergarten classroom, a teacher has found the key to high engagement and successful behavior management through consistent and frequent positive reinforcement!

- Our nurse addressing nervous parents with many questions regarding Ebola and lice with a sense of calm, patience, and expertise. 

- A second grade teacher who has jumped in feet first embracing our more rigorous math TEKS by asking higher level questions, but not forgetting to pull out scaffolds (models, visuals, connections, etc.) to help her students think at this level!  Engagement was high and students were challenged!

- A paraprofessional who shows up for inclusion support even when the students she is supporting is absent- talk about commitment and dedication.  I hope she knows what a positive impression this had on the general education teacher!

- A lunch monitor creating an individualized plan for a student who struggles behaviorally and found himself at the time out table everyday.  She recognized this plan was not helping him change his behavior and did what she could to put a new plan in place for him that gave him back his dignity, while teaching him social skills.

- A literacy coach who has jumped up to help our 2nd grade readers in a BIG way by pushing into classrooms to support students and teachers daily!  Talk about recognizing the importance of visibility and presence in classrooms!  We are truly all in this together!

- Kindergarten classrooms who ALREADY have students working independently at stations! This is attributed to explicit instruction and modeling of expectations on behalf of our Kinder teachers!

- A 5th grade Language Arts teacher truly taking a hold of using technology as a tool for instructional enhancement.  She was willing to let go of the reigns and pass control to her students as they shared ideas and tips collaboratively when working through OneNote. 

- Two 5th grade teachers problem solving a situation with a student who wasn’t using her tablet correctly. They were discussing how to make sure the punishment logically fit the crime and reasonably showed the student how her digital citizenship was impacting her learning. What a great example of taking the time to think through appropriate consequences to truly impact the students' chances of learning from the situation so as not to repeat the behavior!

5. Check out this intriguing article below on "How Professional Development Should Change?"

- "...  more time for deep conversation and collaboration seem to be key players... " How are your planning days going?  Interested in getting a group together to learn?  Come chat with me and let's make it happen. Remember the Campus Professional Learning Proposal is in OneNote under Professional Learning.  Also, think "job embedded professional learning", such as observations of peers, lesson study as teams, deep intentional planning as a team or partners, etc...- seems to yield  highest results!