Principal: Craig Abercrombie
Vice Principal: Eddie Espinosa
Mascot- Comanche

Canyon High School

                       Home of the Comanches

Picture taken from the sky of Canyon High School's c

Canyon High School was founded in 1973. It was given it’s name after its location and the fact that local students called that area “The Canyon”. The school currently teaches students in grades 9-12. In the spring of 1973, the Comanche was chosen to be the school’s mascot. Canyon High School’s first principal was Louis Joseph, and its current principal is Craig Abercrombie.

-about 2,400 students enrolled at chs
-teach grades 9-12
-opened in 1974
-offer many excellent academic, artistic, athletic programs, and student activities

Canyon High School
220 S. Imperial Highway
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
Phone: 714-532-8000
Fax: 714-628-0381

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