Climate Change - Does It Affect the Environment?

Jason McKinney

We all know about climate change. We've heard about it for years. But recently, we've heard of it even more.

So what is climate change? Well, long story short the photo above can sum up climate change easily. Climate change is the change of the Earth's temperature, sea level, etc.

Climate change has caused sea level changes, artic sea ice loss, and - probably the one that concerns some of us - global warming.

Obviously, climate change affects the environment. Here's an example; with the loss of Artic ice, the organisms which reside in the freezing place(s) are affected because they are loosing land to climate change. Global warming affects the environment because, well, it's causing the Earth to heat up - which the fellas up in the South Pole do not appreciate because this causes the Artic ice to melt. In effect, the melting Artic ice slowly causes the sea levels to rise.

Let's use another example of an organism which is affected by climate change: the Polar Bear. According to Polar Bears International, Polar Bears rely on sea ice to hunt, breed, and, in some cases, den. If the Artic ice completely melts, the Polar Bears will become extinct in the 'wild' because the ice their lives depend on would be gone and lost to the sea (literally) forever. The only Polar Bears still alive would be in captivity - or scientists may set up a refuge for the bears somewhere near the artic.

Climate change affects the environment in many ways. It may not seem like a big deal to us everyday people, but concerned individuals know that it is a huge threat to the environment. So yes, climate change affects the environment.

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