Narrative poem, Howard -6, November 4

Johny with ocean blue eyes,
Johny of light brown curly hair,
Johny whose glasses slide down his nose,
Is like my big brother,
Walks his pigs slowly,
Raises pigs to sell at county ,
Works at Ace Hardware store,
Helps other people with their animals,
Holds the halter when I feed my goat.

Johny laughs at my jokes,
smiles often at me,
gives me high fives every time I see him,
because I see him everyday at the barn.

Johny inside that polo shirt that he wears every day,
inside those laughing eyes,
inside that one hundred fifty pound guy.
Is my best friend
runs to feed his heifer,
presses his foot on the engine so hard when he leaves,
collects the little baby pigs to the feed,
sits and watches the sunrise every morning,
grabs the ten bags of feed out of his truck.

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