Humming Birds

By Alexis

What are those small jewels?

I know many kinds of birds, but there is a small jewel I would like to introduce you too. Humming birds are wonderful and beautiful birds that have 340 species and the normal heart beat of 1,260 a minute. The smallest bird in the world, with little or no smell, and keen eye sight. A precious bird lives 3-5 years, and in captive up to 15. Only 17 humming bird species live in the United states. These birds are attractive and truly beautiful.

Huge Eaters!

Did you know humming birds have to eat every 10 minutes? Or did you know that with its keen eye sight humming birds only come to flowers that are bright and attractive? A humming birds job is usually eating. When a humming bird gets nectar from a flower, at the tip of its tongue it forms a spoon so it will hold the nectar. Humming birds eat bugs too. Even in midair. Some times the flowers humming birds eat from are bigger the themselves. But who knew humming birds can take 13 licks in a second? Humming birds eat a lot and are fun to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The birds body

Did you know a humming bird can dive up to 65 miles [105 km] per hour? Did you know that when they are hatched, baby humming birds are black? Humming birds muscles are extremely powerful and make up 30% of its body weight. Humming birds are so small they can be caught in big spider webs, and eaten by preying mantises. They can fly vertically, backward, and hover for a long period of time. It,s like they do magic tricks.

Enemies and danger!

Did you know there are enemies and danger to humming birds? Did you know that the mother saves her babies when danger is lurking? There are many threats to humming birds. Snakes, small animals, big spider webs, preying mantises, poison and chemicals, hawks, crows, and one of the humming birds dangerous predator the blue jay. Though it may seem there are many dangers everywhere for humming birds, they are lucky of how there body works, because they are FAST!!!!!!!!!!

A world of humming birds!!

Big, and small, colorful, or plain, beautiful, and nice, humming birds can make a difference in peoples lives. They're colors and abilities prove it. These are special jewels that can make excitement and can show how special they are!

About the author

The author Alexis is a person who is crazy about NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She enjoys running, biking, and just being out side. She was born in Utah and then moved to Missouri. She loves drawing and again running! Alexis loves Hershey's, ice cream sandwiches, and RUNNING!!!!!! She believes in fairies and loves to RUN with McKenzie her sister. She always signs up for RUNNING activities. She has 4 best friends. Alexis calls her best friends an orange, so they will stay together, just like an orange can!!! She's a writer and hopes you are one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!