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An Interview with Ellen Rosen

Recently, we sat down with a young Jewish girl with the name of Ellen Rosen. Ellen has been going through troubles times, "I have to pretend my best friend Annemarie Johansen is my sister. We have known each other since... Well, a long time. With me being Jewish, I have to hide from the Nazis; I feel like a burden." Ellen has been staying with the Johansens disguised as Annemarie Johansen's sister, one way Ellen stands out from the Johansens is her blonde hair. I asked Ellen about the family she lives with, "They're fun, Annemarie's sister always complains about not being able to make pink frosted cupcakes. I think it's cute. Lise, no one likes to talk about her.. She was run over by a Nazi tank while getting ready to go home from a resistance meeting. She was engaged, and already had her wedding dress picked out. She was engaged to Peter Neilson. Mrs. and Mr. Johansen try to keep the children safe, especially me." Ellen Rosen, the poor girl is living a fake life.

Be prepared Resistance comrades. The Nazis are close to finding out about our secret meetings and where they are located; we must relocate. If anyone has a good place for us to relocate, please tell us ASAP. We don't need to loose anymore casualties... Be sure to bring a weapon with you, one that you can hide and is powerful.

More citizens are being moved to concentration/death camps everyday. Is there anyone who will help stop this tyranny? People who know this is happening are just sitting around, doing nothing. Please, anyone! Try to help stop this!! Even if you end up losing your life, know you did it for a good cause. Try to do anything you can for these people. Anything... Once people go into those camps, they don't come out. the only way out of those camps is death itself. Please don't let anyone else go into those camps!! After Hitler went into power, everything went HAYWIRE. Hitler must be stopped..

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