How/Why Did Nazi Kill The Jews ?

They killed Jews because Hitler didn't like them so they killed them all. They made people dig their own grave then they shot them in to the hole.They burned them in a oven. The hand a gas tank to kill them but some people stay alive because the find little spaces of air.

10 Facts

    • Hitler didn't like Jews.
    • He'd kill people in gas rooms.
    • They would shoot people inside of a hole.
    • They would burn people until they die.
    • They would starve you until you would die.
    • Because his dad was Jewish.
    • They killed over 6 million Jews.
    • Hitler only like blonde hair and blue eyes.
    • Nazi killed the Jews.
    • The would throw Jews in to a pit.



    January 20- Nazis hold the Wannsee Conference, during which they outline a plan to kill eleven million Jews in Europe.

    May 4- Gassing of more than one million Jews begins at Auschwitz.

    November 24- For the first time, reports of Jews being methodically murdered at Auschwitz reach outside world


    April 19- First day of Warsaw ghetto uprising.

    October- Danish citizens help 7,200 Jews in Denmark escape to Sweden.


    June- War Department turndowns appeals to bomb rail links between Hungary and Auschwitz.

    October 7- In a suicidal uprising, Jewish inmates in Auschwitz manage to destroy one and damage another of the crematorium buildings.


    January- Death marches into the interior of Germany begin, taking 250,000 Jewish lives.

    April 30- U.S. troops occupy Munich. Hitler commits suicide.

    May 7- Germany surrenders unconditionally to the Allies.

    5 People

    Ludwig Erhard- his books War Finances and Debt Consolidation.

    Soldiers- They shot people for their deaths

    Robert Ley- was arrested

    Jewish - they went to concentration camps

    Hitler- He put people into the concentration camps


    The Army is the hero because the came and kills the Nazis and then Hitler killed his self so  the Army is the hero.

    It tells you how they killed the Jewish people because they won't like him. Plus it tells you why they killed the Jewish people.   


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