Ancient Egypt

by: Helena Ta

Stable Food Supply

the Egyptians lived near the Nile river and had fresh water, therefore they fished for food. Also because they had fresh water, they had rich soil just to farm many foods to eat. Farmers may have planted wheat to make bread. Near the Nile river their was many hills, mountains, and plains.


In ancient Egypt there were many kingdoms. There was old kingdom,, middle kingdom, and new kingdom. Each kingdom would have a king or pharaohs. Khufu ruled from 2551-2528 B.C.E. He was the famous pyramid builder. The people have described him as powerful but kind. Khufu was a very good at controlling their stable food supply. Senusret ruled from 1971- 1926 B.C.E. Senuret ruled in the middle kingdom and kept Egypt a good unified place. The senusret statue shows him holding a akin in each hand. Hatsheput ruled 1473- 1450 B.C.E. Hatsheput ruled in the new kingdom. He encouraged to trade. Last but not least rameses ii ruled from 1290- 1224. She was one of the most famous pharoHS. She also signed the first treaty.

Social Classes

The Egyptians had a very created social pyramid up on top of the pyramid was pharaohs, next was government officials, priests, scribes, artisans, and lastly peasants. each section did their own thing. Pharaohs were most important they, were leaders. Next the government officials came from noble homes. government officials would assist the pharaoh as supreme ruler in Egypt. all the upper social class people would enjoy a banquet. Priests served the pharaoh which was considered the highest rank of all. Scribes were Egyptian writers and record keepers. Artisans were highly skilled labors who, created some beautiful art objects. Lastly peasents were unskilled workers.

Religious Beliefs

In ancient Egypt there were many gods relating to religion. Priests were very important to their life because of many reasons. Priests touched every part of their daily life. Priests were in charge of temples and also religious ceremonies. they also over saw important ceremonies.The god Osiris was the god of growing things. The god Anubis was the only way Greek historians wrote Egyptian words. The god Ra was the god of the sun. Last but not least Horus originally came from upper Egypt.

arts and architecture

People in Egypt have many craftsman people. First of all there were crafts men, carpenters, metal workers, painters. and last of all stone carvers. All the workers may have make a lot of sculptures. For example the statue of senuret. the statue of senuret was a three inch ivory statue. The Egyptian music days were all the way early from the early stone age.


in ancient Egypt had many wonderful inventions. Here are some writing, papyrus sheet, medicine, ship building, and also math. For their witting they wrote in hieroglyph. They would keep record and also they would use writing to maintain their control of they large empire. Papyrus sheet was used to write on for important documents and were made out of papyrus plant. A lot of the ancient Egypt medicines was very strange. honey and human brains cured eye infections. the ships the Egyptians made were all made out of wood. Lastly math helped with geomentry to build pyrmids and keep track of business transactions.

written language

the Egyptians name of writing was hieroglyphs. Their system of writing had over 700 characters and could take you 4 years of coping to remember all the characters. The Egyptians wrote on wood, papyrus paper, pieces of stone, and bits of pottery. To write with, they would use finely sharpened reeds.They would put the object they were writing on, on a writing tablet. As of ink they would have their in ink in a small container. each container was a different color of ink.

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