Dental Hygienist
By: MacKenzie Roselieb

Professional Requirements:

                             *Preform dental cleanings

                             *Teach patients how to take care of their teeth

                              *Understand dental anatomy

                               * Identify dental problems


                              A 2-year: Dental Hygienist

                              A 4-year: Research and teaching


I would like to go to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, to get a Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene because they are the only college that offers a Bachelor's degree.


"Never settle for less"(my mom). This quote is important because even though a dental hygienist only requires an Associate's Degree. At Carbondale, one may earn a Bachelor's Degree, but they only accept 36 students into the program per year. It reminds me to keep working hard if I want to be successful in the future.

Role Model: My role model is Emilee Livesay. In cheerleading, she was my big sister. She is always organized, friendly, dependable, pretty, athletic, and smart. She is going to Monmouth College to become an elementary teacher. At college she is a cheerleader and she is in a sorority.

All of us freshman cheerleaders looked up to her the most, since she is organized and always clam. I especially look up to her because she is an overall, good person. We are similar because we both danced, cheered, the only child, and we both apologize even when it's not necessary. Our cheer coach thought of me as the "mini Emliee". I hope someday, I can be half the person that she is.


The job is flexible, the U.S Bureau affirms, " some hygienists work for more than one doctor"(U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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