Lung Cancer

By: Megan Cutter

How lung Cancer Spreads

A piece of tissue comes off of the lung cancer and travels through the bloodstream and ends up somewhere else in the body. No matter where the cancer ends up, it is named after where it started. Metastasis is when your cancer spreads to other body organs.

Treatment Options

The treatment options for lung cancer are different for minor cancer and larger cancers. A treatment option is surgery for minor cancers. For larger cancers there is biological therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy. Over about a year, your cancer will start to go away if the treatments are working for your cancer. It is not guaranteed that the treatments will work cancer.

Survival Rates

For lung cancer there are different survival rates. For small lung cancer it is 6% for 5 years. For non small lung cancer the survival rate for 5 years is 18%. For BAC cancer, if you get surgery your survival rate is 100%.  Stage 1 non small cancer stage 1A for 5 years is 49%. For 1B it is 45%.  Stage 2 non small 2A is 30%. for 2B: 31%, Stage 3A non small cell is 3B is 5% is for 13 months. Stage 4 metastatic non small cell is 1% median is 8 months. Small lung cancer the overall 5-year survival rate for both stages of small cell lung cancer is about 6%. Without treatment, the average life expectancy for extensive disease is 2 to 4 months, and with treatment is 6 to 12 months. Remission is when your cancer stops growing or the cells are gone but can come back.

Stages Of Lung Cancer

There are many stages of lung cancer. There is small lung cancer which with treatment can most of the time be cured. For non small lung cancer, smoking has a big role in getting it. It is very rare to get BAC cancer.  Stage 1 non small lung cancer is the earliest form of lung cancer. Stage 1 non small lung cancer spreads a lot in a short amount of time.


The symptoms for lung cancer are:

-intense lung cancer

-pain in your chest, shoulder, and back when you are not coughing

-sputum is changing colors

-shortness of breath

-voice being hoarse

-harsh sounds when breathing

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