A Deadly Necessity

They'll KILL for it... or maybe you will.

Going to a desolate Planet?  Thinking of what resources to pack?  Arsenic is a must have for all space travelers.  Don't believe me?  Check out why you MUST have Arsenic, below.

What is Arsenic?

This metalloid has some very special properties that can make it useful or deadly.  It has 33 protons, 42 neutrons and 33 electrons.  On the periodic table, Arsenic is in Period 4 Group 15 and is in the same Family as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Bismuth.  Arsenic is a semiconductor so it is often used in computer products, and other electronics such as cell phones.  It has 5 valence electrons making it a perfect candidate to bond with other elements such as gallium.  

Where is it found?

Arsenic is found in one of three states, gray, yellow or black.  In nature it is found in volcanic ash, in common foods such as rice, seafood and grape juice.  It can also be produced when common metals such as copper and gold are purified.  Plants will absorb arsenic from the groundwater after being dissolved.  


Simple, DEFENSE.  Arsenic is a classic poison and has been used throughout history as a form of protection.  You know your feeling a little nervous about venturing into the unknown.  Let's face it, having Arsenic in your packed bag would put your mind at ease and allow you to relax and have fun.  No need to worry about foreign creatures or attacks, just use a little Arsenic and all your worries will disapear.  

  • Properties
  • Boiling Point: __________
  • Melting Point: __________

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