The French Flag

Physical Geography

The latitude and longitude of France are 47.0000° N, 2.0000° E. Plains and rolling hills cover about two-fifths of France. But there are some rugged hills along the English Channel.


In 58-51 B.C. Roman Emperor Julius Caesar conquers Gaul witch is now France.

Then in 486-511 A.D. a tribe called the Franks ruled the region.

The land was named for them. In 1429, Joan the Arc leads the French troops to fight the English in Orleans.

In 1643-1715, King Louis reigns longer than any other french ruler. In this era, France gain power throughout Europe.

In 1789, citizens storm the Bastille, a Paris prison, The french revolution started.

In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself after a war victory.

Napoleon Bonaparte

France's Government

France's government type is republic.The name of the government is actually Semi-presidential Republic. Where there is both a president and prime minister.The current president's name is Francois Hollande and the prime minister is Manuel Valls. All the members of the French government are elected by the president of the Republic on the advice of the prime minister.

Manuel Valls, the prime minister

Population & Language

The population of France now is 64,592,703. In 2004, it was estimated 85% of France was white or of European origin, with 10% from North Africa, 3.5% Black, and 1.5% Asian. Of course the official language of France is well, French.   

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