By: Vivian Pham & Piper Grada
Group 7,  4/24/14

This picture shows the kind of vegetables in Benin that the Benin people enjoy.

The Benin dining etiquettes are very unique and different. Very different then the USA.

Some etiquette that is required in Benin is that when eating meat you must eat everything including the bones. Another dining etiquette for Benin is that you can not eat pork or alcohol. You also can not eat with your left hand. Another dining etiquette in Benin that you always should accept tea or coffee. Also you never ever pour your own drink! EVER!

Our thoughts on the Benin dining etiquettes are that the rules are very creative and unique yet different from the dining rules here in the USA. We found that having to eat the bones when eating meat was very surprising yet disturbing....very. The Benin dining etiquette rules differ from the United States because your not allowed to have pork or alcohol and we can in the USA. Also most of the Benin rules for dining in general differ from the United States. It is important to know the etiquette rules of a country so you don't make a fool of yourself,  so you don't accidentally show disrespect to the people of the country, and if you are served meat you are not surprised if people expect you to eat the bones!


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