Sales Presentation

Lydia Vandemark


A costumer walked into the Belk's a week before Christmas. She was browsing the purses on clearance. I walked up to her and asked "Hi, I'm Lydia do you need any help today?". She said "Yes actually I am looking for a Michael Kors purse for my daughter for Christmas. She wants a cross body in a nude color, but I'm not looking to spend more than $100." I said "We have something that is exactly what you are looking for! It's a Michael Kors that is 20% off for $120 taupe cross body that I think your daughter will love!" The lady said "That sounds great I know my daughter will love it, but that is more money then I planned on spending today." And I responded "I understand that, but today is the last day you can get this offer. If you don't get this today then you will have to spend more money for this name brand." The costumer smiles and says. I said "Would you like to place the purchase on your store credit card?" Customer nobs and said "Yes please." I walk her over to the cash register "May I gift wrap this for you?" Costumer says "Yes I want it in Christmas wrapping paper." I said "I'll get right on that for you. Today if you get the matching wallet for this purse then it is 50% off, so instead of spending $50 you will only spend $25!" The costumer sighs and says "I suppose so since that is a really good deal." She pays with her store credit card. I shake the costumers hand and said "Thank you for shopping with us today come see us again!" The costumer says "Thank you for all your help I know my daughter will love this!"

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