Lizzie Borden

Description of the crime

Lizzie Borden lived with her father and step-mother, whom she grew to hate. They were both fairly cruel to her and she wanted them to die. Later Andrew and Abby Borden were found dead in the family home due to ax wounds. It is suspected that Lizzie killed them.

Description of mystery to be solved

We are going to pretend that we arent sure that Lizzie did it. Because Lizzie tries to pass off that someone broke into the home and did it. And not knowing Lizzie's intentions



Police report:

Other Source:

Victims and Suspects

Victims: Andrew and Abby Borden- Lizzie's parents

Suspects: Lizzie Borden and unknown intruder


Scene of the crime and bodies

Lizzie goes and buys poison day before murder

Lizzie burns a dress "stained with paint"

Never charged with it due to misleading evidence

hatchet in barn that her dad used to kill her beloved pigeons

Proposed Narrator

The narrator would be the investigator of this crime which is District Attorney Hosea Knowlton

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