Final Project

By: Kameron Moffatt

Movie Poster

In my opinion I think this poster is very successful. The reason I like this poster so much. Is the poster is funny, which kind of leads us to the thought of the movie being funny. It also shows us a picture of the to main actors (successful actors). I think this is a good idea as well because if people see a picture of 2 successful actors on the poster, they are gonna want to go watch the movie. Another way this poster makes the public want to watch is. By putting the line "From the guys who brought you Talladega Nights" By doing this the public thinks about how much they like the movie Talledaga Nights. And since they liked that movie they are going to give this one the benefit of the doubt since its by the same people. My last comment is how I liked the actual title in big bold letters. That way if you remember anything about the poster its going to be the movie title "Step Brothers".

If I owned a Amusement Park

If I owned a amusement park some things I would do to get people to stay longer, or to have them spend more money is.... Before I list some of these things off, my main goal would be to have the customer feel good about what there doing! One of my ideas would be to make a combo pack of tickets to enter the amusement park. So if you have a big group of,.... Lets say 8-10 people. You and your group would buy a package of tickets for a mildly discounted price. The group would only save a few bucks per person but its still a way to make the customer less hesitant about what there doing. And it would still give the customer the pleasure of paying a cheaper price than the original admission. Another thing I would do to make money. Is with the customer buying food. The thing I would do is, I would make the meal items (Hot dog, Brat, Pizza slice, Taco, Etc.) a high price but then I would advertise the fact that you get a FREE drink with every meal item as well. The reason I think this is so effective is because even though its a expensive price. The customer still feels like there getting a good deal because of the FREE drink! Lastly another thing I would do is give the customer the option of buying a ticket for 4 hours or they can buy the day pass. I would do this because the person shouldn't buy the full day pass if there only gonna be there for a short time, What this does is it makes the customer feel good because there not paying for time they are not going to use.

3+ Marketing Strategies

- Try to relate to the customer and to try to make it seem like you know what kind of position they are in.

- Using athlete/celebrity endorsements to try to show somebody popular using the product. And you can be like them if you use the product.

- Showing in a commercial that "everybody" is using the product. So you should to!

- Using discounts for limited time to try to get people to buy the product quickly.

- If you own a arena/fair/amusement park/etc. You can make the slower time of the day like 6:00PM to close. A discounted price to people. That way you can try to keep the sales a consistent price through out the whole day.

-Sending advertisements to people in the mail is another good way. Because its so cheap to do and its still an effective way to market to people. Even if 1 out of every 100 people bought the product you would still be getting your money back for the advertising expense.

TV Marketing Strategies

If I where to make a TV show. I would make it TV-14 because a lot of kids would watch the TV show (even underage) because a lot of parents don't really care. But I would mix the humor throughout the show evenly. Meaning I would have humor for adults and for younger kids. Because that way its a well rounded show, and families can bond while watching it together. I would show it on a local channel because they are the most popular channels. And I would show it around 7:00Pm. Because its fairly late, its after dinner time, but yet its not so late where some kids are in bed already. My show would be about a everyday average family. That gets themselves into bad situations. That way its fairly relatable to the whole family. I would defiantly have a social media page, because so many people are glued to their phones. And that's another way to get the audience to interact with the show. I wouldn't display the tweets on the TV show. Because in my opinion I think that's annoying, and I feel like it is to everyone else too! On my social media page you can buy apparel for the show, and you can also click a link on it to bring you to the shows webpage. Where you can buy apparel there too!

Movie Trailer

The reason I picked Anchorman is because I thought the first movie was amazing! And I like how in the trailer they use the awesomeness of the first one to introduce the second anchorman. Also I think its a good idea to have the first scene directed just towards the main character (Ron Burgandy). I also think the trailer shows the humor of the film by having a narrator with a deep voice tell us how awesome the crew is. And you cant ever go wrong with some good quality music. I think the song choice is perfect because everyone know the song and its a classic (just like the news team). Its also a good thing that all the main characters are displayed in the trailer as well. Lastly I believe that they ended it perfectly with the movie title "Anchorman" in big bold letters. That way you know what you watched and you can also remember it for the next time you want to go and see a movie.

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