BY: Sydney Warrick #Momentum#kettner#tackk

Momentum: The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.

Formula for Momentum: momentum = mass x velocity or p = mv

Conservation of momentum: Conservation of momentum is a fundamental law of physics which states that the momentum of a system is constant if there are no external forces acting on the system. It is embodied in Newton's first law (the law of inertia).

Why does the letter p represent the word momentum in the formula? For a particle of mass m and velocity v, the momentum p is mv.

How can a heavy moving van have the same momentum as a small motorcycle? They could have the same momentum if the motorcycle is going fast and the van is going slow.

If you threw a piece of clay on the ground it would be a inelastic collision because in an inelastic collision, things stick, energy is lost, and so kinetic energy is not .

Angular momentum, moment of momentum, or rotational momentum is a measure of the amount of rotation an object has, taking into account its mass, shape and speed.

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