Judaism and the first crusade

the importance of the city of Jerusalem

The Jewish during the first crusade, and throughout all time thought the city of Jerusalem was the holiest and spiritual city of them all. It was very important to the Jewish to control the city of Jerusalem, or to some, Israel, because the city was basically like the place where the religion ruled, and life was peaceful and everything went the way the Jewish religious law said it was to be, kind of like how the Christians conquered the city, and after the gruesome battles, every one was happy living the Christian life, even though the blood of the other religious groups was filling the surrounding walls.

According to friends-partners.org,"On their way to Jerusalem, the crusaders leave a track of death and destruction behind in the Jewish communities along the Rhine and Danube. "Because," as they exclaim, "why should we attack the unbelievers in the Holy Land, and leave the infidels in our midst undisturbed ?"

In Judaism perspective, the first crusade had happened due to a threat to the Greek Orthodox Church from the Muslims. This threat had been sent not too long before Urban II had become the next pope after the threatened pope had died. Once Urban had become pope, the idea of the first crusade fell, into place.

The crusades had risen hostility for the Jews. After every crusade, the Christians had believed more and more that the non-believers were their enemies. Crusaders on their way to Palestine had massacred Jews and Muslims, and continued the mass killing in Palestine.

The Jews viewed most other groups as a bitter, arrogant, and impetuous civilization. They believed that the franks and German Christians were greedy and wanted the land all to themselves. To me, the Jews felt maybe a little more superior, from the documents I have read.

According to Solomon Bar Simson, "At this time arrogant people, a people of strange speech, a nation bitter and impetuous, French men and Germans, set out for the Holy City, which had been desecrated by barbaric nations, there to seek their house of idolatry and banish the Ishmaelites and other denizens of the land and conquer the land for themselves."

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