Top 5 Horror Movies

(In My Opinion)

#5. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

  Jesse (main character) starts to experience several disturbing and unexplained things after his neighbor dies. Soon after, he starts to investigate her death. Eventually, he finds out that he has been marked for possession by a demon.

  In my opinion I thought this movie was okay. First of all this movie freaked me out at some parts but there were times that were funny. I think that the funny parts made the movie less scary (probably why I like it). Overall, the movie was pretty good.

#4. Mirrors 2

  Max Matheson(emotionally disturbed man) becomes the security guard at the Mayflower Department Store in New Orleans. He starts to have visions of a dead woman and he sees how his coworkers are going to die in the mirror. He soon figures out that the dead woman is seeking revenge because of a past tragedy.

  In my opinion I thought this movie was very scary. I found it scary because there are mirrors EVERYWHERE! If you like blood and gore this is a movie for you.


#3. Amityville Horror

  George (main character), Kathy Lutz and their three children move into a house where a horrific murder happened  a year ago. George starts to behave weirdly and his daughter starts to see dead people. For the next 28 days terror is spread through out the family.

  In my opinion this was a really scary movie. The movie was really creepy. Espiecally because George started to look and act different. His eyes started to turn red and he also started to have outbursts of anger. I

#2. Mirrors

  The former NYPD detective Ben Carson becomes a night guard of what remains of the Mayflower Department store. It was partially destroyed by a fire many years ago. He starts to see weird images in the mirrors and comes to the conclusion that there is something beyond the mirrors. Something like an evil force that is chasing him and jeopardizing his family.

  In my opinion I loved this movie. It kept you on the edge of your seat and it was truely scary. It was also very gruesome. Also, at the end there is a huge twist that i didn't expect a all.

#1. The Exorcist

  A visiting actress from Washington D.C., notices dangerous behavior from her 12 year old daughter; Regen. The priest comes up with the conclusion that Regen is possessed.

  In my opinion this is the scariest movie ever. I love The Exorcist because its not one of those movies where theres someone walking down a dark corridor and theres a jumpscare waiting for them. Its a movie where things are truely scary. I love this movie because the characters thought that Regen was possessed but they tried to deny it. Overall, this is the best horror movie.

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