La Musica

Music has a big affect on me. When I'm sad I tend to listen to slower, sadder music, as for when I'm happy my music choices are more upbeat. Music affects my family mostly during the holiday season. My mom always plays Christmas music super loud on Christmas eve every year just so everyone can get into the spirit. For special events, such as a sporting event, a concert, a fair, etc. Music plays a huge role. For a concert it's obvious the whole event is based on music it's self with those who are performing. But at a sporting event the national anthem is sung before the game begins, it just feels patriotic and sets the feel of the event. It gets the crowds and players ready and it reminds us why we're all able to enjoy this moment. And as for fairs, there is already excitment in the atmosphere and a touch of music here and there just brings the place to life even more. Now for culture it's sort of the same thing. No matter if it's at church or anything else music is based on that. And it brings the mood upbeat instead of just talking or speeches.

Music is such a powerful thing. It's a way for people to express themselves with or without words spoken. It's a way to get away from reality and just lose yourself for a moment in time where it's just you and the music in your ears.

Music adds the feel to any moment, such as if you're feeling down/ happy, a sporting event, it is expressed in any type of cultural thing.

For example the Olympics are a world wide sporing event, each country that wins gold, their national anthem is played. This is very patriotic and it makes them proud to represent where they come from and to show everyone who they are.

This is a example of the usage women's basketball team winning the gold in the 2012 London Olympic games. The national anthem is being played while the flag is being raised.

Another example is like I said above, music is a way of expressing yourself that some people may not be able to do with just talking, etc. In this video below, it's about a young women who's been struggling in life and found her escape through music.

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3 years ago

Good use of picture and video, Ashley. Solid specific examples!