We created History

by Maddie Steele

High School Yearbook Class 2014-2015 at SkyView Academy.

Each picture captured was a moment in time. A moment that we will never get back but can remember forever. We laughed, cried and made our own memories. Yearbook was tough, tiring and all worth it. With each page submitted there was a a sigh of relief and a feeling of success. Not everyday was perfect... some were full of drama, tears, and exhaustion. Every tough day made us stronger as a class. The next day we had more passion and commitment to work to our full potential. We talked and listened to each other and learned to never give up no matter how we were feeling. We could not of done it without Mrs.Lobdell, our amazing teacher. She taught us that some days are not always easy, but it will make us a better team and each one of us a better person. With dedication and passion our small yearbook class added another puzzle piece to a year at SVA. As a class we captured the memories of 2014-2015 at SkyView Academy. A school full of memories for one class in particular, Yearbook.

Miriam, Maddie, Anna, Jacob, Lily and Lily (above) at CSU J-day.

Our yearbook Class at CSU J-day. We had the privilege to visit this beautiful Colorado campus and learn how to make our yearbook better and how to capture a part of history at our school.  

Miriam (above) was one of our amazing photographers who loved being a part of the staff.

Each one of the yearbook staffers took pictures for SkyViews yearbook. We captured emotion & moments in time with our images.

Mrs.Lobdell, Kay, Miriam and Maddie (Above)

Our Yearbook would have been impossible without our teacher Mrs.Lobdell. She taught us life lessons and how to create an amazing yearbook.

The finished copy of the 2014-15 yearbook.

It was our turn to create. To put a year of SVA's history into a book. A book full of memories, and success.

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