The Hope of The Unknown

The literary concept I chose to analyze is Theme. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there is a constant theme of the idea of jumping into the unknown and having endless hope that in the end you are "happy". Gatsby is full of hope, constantly trying to make himself and everyone else believe that Daisy has only ever loved him. Whereas Daisy is playing with the unknown and hoping for happiness. "I did love him once---but I loved you too"(132). Throughout the story Daisy remains unsure of what it is that she really wants. Gatsby is so deep into the unknown that he will not let himself believe that Daisy hasn't "chosen" him. These are reoccurring examples of the theme of jumping into the unknown with endless hope.

By: Monica Ramriez


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3 years ago

I really liked how you described Daisy and Gatsby.