1st grade reading/writing


R.L.1.1 and R.I.1.1 Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

Create a Comic

Students use their questioning skills to write questions and answers in their journal as they do independent reading.  After I preview their work they then create a short comic where the characters will be asking and answering the questions that the student came up with.

Positives-Most students were asking great questions and they put a lot more thought into the quality of their questions when they knew they would be using them to create a comic.

Things to improve-We talked a lot about asking good questions but didn't talk as much about finding answers.  I ended up needing to do a mini-lesson on why "just because" was not an acceptable answer.  We talked about how we needed details in our answers so that whoever reads our comic strips will have a good visual in their head.