Key West, Florida
The southern most point of the USA

By: Bianka Reinbold


Key West is the southern most point of the United States. There are so many things you can do here. On and off the ocean! You can go jet skiing, snorkeling, para-sailing, go on boats rides, take a Fury Cat Adventure boat out to the ocean, watch the sunset into the horizon and just walk around downtown Key West!

Where to Stay?

In Key West there are many places you can stay. You can stay at hotels or resorts on the ocean side or there are more places to stay in-land and on other islands near by. Some people choose to go tenting on the beaches, also.

Where to Dine or Eat

There are over 346 places you can eat at in Key West, Florida. They have many different variety's of food. Mainly seafood of course. Many restaurants look over the beautiful ocean.

Where to Shop

Downtown Key West if full of places to shop. All the streets are filled with little stores you can go to.

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