Luciana Johnson

For comunidades, I watched "Los Jornaleros", a movie about the stories of three young Hispanic men who come to this country to pursue the American dream and instead end up struggling as day-laborers.

The movie taught me a lot about how much of a struggle it is to be an immigrant and having to start from the bottom to work up to better jobs with more money and more connections.

In the movie, after making the trip from Mexico to Los Angeles with hopes of starting life anew in America, three cousins find their efforts to earn a living as day laborers quickly sidetracked by their intense experiences in the strange new culture. Their uncle takes them in to live with him while they work. He provides them with food, shelter, and clothing. Tura, Pillo, and Quique are shocked and tired from how hard work as day-labors is. There is little pay for intense work.

This happens to the majority of immigrants even though immigrants come to America in hopes of finding freedom and “a new life”. Many immigrants from Mexico have been known to immigrate from Mexico to Texas, Arizona, and California.

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