Polar Bears

By Landon Roberts and JP prince

Polar bears are amazing creatures; there fur looks white as snow(they use it for camouflage), they can swim in really cold waters to hunt for fish, and they can survive in Antarctica. the bad thing is, they are becoming extinct because of climate change. There home is being destroyed by climate change and they don't know what to do.


Habitat: Artic
Food: carnivores; seals, walrus, whales, and fish
Special abilities: its fur is as white as snow and uses it to blend into artic snow. Its fur is also very warm and uses it to stay warm when its hunting in the water or trying to stay warm in the artic cold.
Life span: average of 15-18 years
Conservation status: vulnerable

This is just one of the place polar bears inhabit. Imagine the other places. There homes are slowly fading away just because of climate change.

Evidences of climate change

One is the polar bears home. It is slowly melting away. When it melts pieces of ice will sometimes break off. They will slowly float away and melt somewhere. Sometimes polar bears are on these pieces of ice and float away with them.

This chart shows a decrease in sea ice. This decrease is caused by climate change. This decrease also hurts polar bears. Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting seals, breeding, and a place to rest. All of these help further the polar bear population. If you don't let them hunt or breed, more will die.

The decrease in population is also due to climate change. Climate change has trick some animals to hibernate early. This means they won't be able to find food and eventually. Also it has been destroying their homes. They won't have a place for protection and are vulnerable to the weather and predators. This is why someone has to stop climate change.

Would you want these amazing creatures to die because of climate change?

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