Koyal Group Discounts Blog Tips -Pop Color Into Flatware

Koyal Group Discounts Blog Tips -Pop Color Into Flatware

Corona, CA - (August 22, 2014) - It’s time to set the table and prepare the feast as Koyal Wholesale introduces its just released Exclusive Line of Glass Charger Plates, now available! Manufactured by Koyal Wholesale, our glass charger plates include two brand new collections: the Flora Glass Charger Plates Collection and the Ripple Glass Charger Plates Collection. These two new styles join our best-selling line of Charger Plates, and the are first in our Glass Chargers Line.

The Flora Glass Charger Plates collection features a unique floral petal shape, and is available in 20 exciting colors: Aqua Flora Glass, Baby Blue Flora Glass, Black Flora Glass, Brown Flora Glass, Charcoal Grey Flora Glass, Diamond Blue Flora Glass, Lime Green Flora Glass, Navy Blue Flora Glass, Orange Flora Glass, Pink Flora Glass, Plum Flora Glass, Red Flora Glass, Royal Blue Flora Glass, Royal Purple Flora Glass, Silver Flora Glass, White Flora Glass, Yellow Flora Glass. With its high quality and rich, vibrant colors, these glass charger plates will no doubt be the talk of town!

Meanwhile, the Ripple Glass Charger Plates collection features a ripple-patterned circular shape, with a shiny, opulent finish in 20 enchanting colors: Aqua Ripple Glass, Baby Blue Ripple Glass, Black Ripple Glass, Brown Ripple Glass, Charcoal Grey Ripple Glass, Diamond Blue Ripple Glass, Lime Green Ripple Glass, Navy Blue Ripple Glass, Orange Ripple Glass, Pink Ripple Glass, Plum Ripple Glass, Red Ripple Glass, Royal Blue Ripple Glass, Royal Purple Ripple Glass, Silver Ripple Glass, White Ripple Glass, Yellow Ripple Glass. Its slick and refined design makes it the perfect flatware accessory to any lavish event, big or small!

An added décor fixture fitting for your standard dinner plates, each set includes 4 charger plates, and is hand-wash safe (please note these are not dishwasher or microwave safe). With their stylish and sophisticated flair, these glass charger plates, paired with your finest china, are the perfect touch to your table setting at your next intimate gathering or grand dinner reception! Be the first of your friends to showcase this stylish trend in event and home décor! Get yours today before they run out!

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