The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

by elizabeth medina

Before i stared to read about the gardener i thought the book was going to be about people growing up from trees.

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants and some other organisms use sunlight tho synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water.

This is important to the gardener because they are trying to figure out things with it.

Heterotroph is an organism derving its nutritional requirements from complex substance

its important to the gardener because it talks about the people organisms and things like that.

Autotroph is an organism that able to form nutrational organic substances from simple in organic substances such as carbon dioxide

its important to the gardener because they want to know how all this affects things.

Evolution is the process by which diffrent kinds of living organisims are though to have develope and diversified from earlie  forms during the history of the earth.

its important to the gardener because its important for their body and they need to know thing about their body.

Two of my favorite questions were that why did her mom kept secrets from him because she didn't wanted him to know that his dad was alive.the other quistion that i liked was that if his father was the gardener and it was intresting when he found out.

The sitting of the story was at troydyn where everything happend and that every problem got in there.

I think experimentation is bad because they hurt people so much and because they put humans bad things and they try to bring them back but they would have more bad with bad pain

climate change is an change global its important because its affecting our world

food crisis is when people don't have food to eat its important because people don't have anything to eat and they die because of that.

climate change affects food crisis because when its cold your food is all cold and you have to worm it and when its hot some of our food is not good and your just throwing food away instead of giving it to animals that really need them.

The dear future generation sorry saying sorry to what people have been doing to the world and they been affecting the world its bad is saying sorry for everything we have done.

In both the gardener by S.A. Bodeen and "Dear future generation sorry" by prince Saloma creates a green house to save people life so they could still live in the future during the food crisis.In the gardener people will go food crisis and the climate change because they dont have any place to get food in 'Dear future generation sorry"the people are cutting trees they will go hunger.This evidence support my thesis because the things they have in common becuase they are hurting the world  and tress and because they are going to go food crisis.

The karner is a butterfly it lives in the wild lupine.

The karner is important to the gardener because it means that they have to be together and if someones gets lost well they have the blue butterfly to take them back where they belong.

The seventh generation are food crisis,world hunger,future generation,climate change,no trees and population these are important because all this has happening in some places and because all these are really bad

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