By: Karin, Valentina, and Calicia.

Do Art Programs Have An Effect On A Students Grades?

We noticed that there are not many art programs in schools. We wanted to know if students at our school take any art programs and for how long. If they do take some sort of art program, how did it affect their grades or averages. We strongly feel that the answers to these questions can greatly benefit schools in the future.

This graph shows the line of best fit of our data. The graph shows that most of our data is skewed to the right. It also shows that the data is scattered and is not linear. Although it is not linear, it is positive.

This box plot shows that our data is skewed. It shows that the most common average was 80. This lets us know that the students who took an art program had a passing average. The arts program is really helping kids improve their grades.

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