Get Some Clarity with Your Lenses!

For the foresighted among us who depend on the world of lenses to cultivate some ideal vision, the task of finding out the right pair can be a tricky one. However, the process can be made far easier with the availability of customized contact lenses, allowing the right fit for everyone. We inform you on some basic ideas and medical conditions that have lenses suited to tackling them for daily users.

  • Built to perfection

Astigmatism is a condition where a deviation in the eye's spherical curve creates a defect in the eye. As a result, one's vision registers distorted images because light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focal point.

Several kinds of lenses such as Bausch and Lomb®’s Purevision® Toric® lenses or Acuvue’s 1-Day® Acuvue® Moist® lenses are ideal examples of a lens for astigmatism. Acuvue’s LACREON® technology helps lock in the moisture, making the lens stick cohesively to one’s eyes without the eye becoming irritable, while B&L’s AerGel allows the Toric lens to resist protein build-up and remain as healthy and durable as possible.

  • Why do they work?

Unlike expensive frames and LASIK treatment, the prospect of investing in a pair of contact lenses is not just cheap but also conveniently flexible, for whoever deems it too risky to undergo surgery or spend on spectacles. Moreover, today with the kind of disposability that these lenses can sustain, more and more users are on the lookout for disposable lenses per se. In fact, due to the ad-hoc use that many users have, or certain situations that call for clear sight, the concept of using and replacing a one-day eye lens is fast becoming accepted and endorsed by users and ophthalmologists alike.

  • How to get it?

Get in touch with your local optician or look up for digital channels that offer delivery for your preferred lens. Be sure to consult your doctor thoroughly to avoid paying for the wrong kind of lenses.

So clear the air and find the right pair!