Cell vs Computer

Nucleus: The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is like the nucleus, because it controls the computer

Vacuole: The Hard Drive is like a vacuole because it stores information from the computer

Chloroplast: The Monitor is like the chloroplast because it makes pixels for the screen of computer

Mitochondria: The PSU is like a mitochondria because it stores energy for the entire computer

Cell Wall: The casing is like the cell wall, because it protects the internals of the computer

Golgi Bodies: The GPU is like the golgi body because its flat and sends the image on the computer

ER: The RAM is like the ER because it is thin, and it makes multitasking easy for the computer

Ribosomes: The transistors are like ribosomes because they work for the picture on the computer

Cytoplasm: The motherboard is like the cytoplasm because it holds components of the computer

Cell Membrane: The firewall is like the cell membrane because it keeps bad out of the computer

Nuclear Membrane: The HDC is like the NM because it protects the nucleus of the computer

If a computer/cell did not have a cpu/nucleus, the computer/cell would not be able to function, because the cpu/nucleus tells all the other parts/organelles what to do, so if you removed it, then everything would be left with no function.