The Loss of Butterflies

What is happening to the monarch butterflies?

How do butterflies effect peoples' lives?

For years, the amount of butterflies have continued to rise and fall. However, the numbers are no longer rising. A few big questions that keep occurring in minds around the world are why are they dying and what will happen when they all die out?


Monarch butterflies are frequently noticed due to their colors (brown,orange,black,and white) and for their 4000 mile journey to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Mexico. There, they line the trees and hills. Tourists travel from all over to witness this breath taking experience. Sadly, more and more tourists are returning home without having seen anything. It is no news that the number of monarch butterflies have fluctuated through the years. But recently the numbers have been increasingly low and they haven't been making an effort to rise again. Now, the question is, what is happening to the monarch butterflies?


There are many different theories as to how the butterflies are dying. One is because some plants have been contaminated with fungi and other foreign substances. The butterflies' main food, the milkweed plant, has recently been contaminated by glyphosate herbicides. The only plants that are safe are the genetically modified plants. Another is because of global warming. Monarch butterflies are capable of withstanding harsh temperatures that are below freezing. But, if the butterflies are wet in these temperatures, they will freeze and die. 

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